Testing, Sample Language and Name Changes

Effective August 1st, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many questions are there on the test?

A. The notary test has 35 questions totaling 65 points. A passing score is 61 or higher. Ten questions are heavily weighted (4 points each) to ensure a basic understanding of notary law. You will fail the test if you miss more than one of the weighted questions, so you will want to become familiar with the Top Ten Mistakes of Notaries Public. All other questions on the test are 1 point each.

Q. Is the test timed?

A. The test is NOT timed, but you will lose your progress if your browser “times-out” (your computer sits inactive for too long). If by chance, your browser “times-out” before you complete the test, you must begin again.

Q. Is there a practice test?

A. Yes and no. Practice tests usually give you results; however, the online testing system will only give you results when you pay. You can go through the actual questions as much as you want before you pay, but you will not receive results until you officially submit with payment.

Q. Is every test the same?

A. No. While each test will have the same 10 fundamental (4-point) questions, the remaining 25 1-point questions are pulled randomly from sections in a bank of questions.

Q. Is the test open book?

A. Yes. You’re welcome. Good luck.


Please review the 2014 Study Guide

Sample Language

Name or Address Change

Name Change

  • Obtain a bond policy rider from the surety company which issued your bond

Mail In to the Lieutenant Governor's Office

  • A fee of $5.00, Payable to the State of Utah
  • A photocopy of the document which changes the name;
  • Your old Certificate of Authority

Address Change

Mail, Email or Fax the old and new information. No fee required.

Mailing Address

Notary Office
Utah State Capitol
PO Box 142325
350 N State St. Suite 220
Salt Lake City, UT 84114


Phone: (801)538-1041
Fax: (801)538-1133