Important Notice Regarding All Notaries Public

December 5th, 2016

RE: Notification to all current and expired Notaries Public

Beginning December 10th 2016, the Office of the Lieutenant Governor will no longer be mailing paper copies of the Certificate of Authority issued to Notaries Public. In an effort to reduce costs incurred by printing and mailing our office will be sending a PDF version of the certificate via email to notaries upon receipt and verification of application, bond, and Oath of Office.

This will reduce the time it takes to receive your Certificate of Authority, thus shortening the time it takes to order your stamp. All current Certificate of Authorities will remain valid until your expiration date. The process for obtaining your certificate has not changed. Please follow the directions at when you are ready to renew your certification as a notary public.

If you have any questions email: or call: 801-538-1041.

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