The Process to Become a Remote Notary

March 19th, 2020

To become a Remote Notary, you must already be a commissioned Notary Public in the State of Utah. 

Step 1: Find a vendor

To become a remote notary, you must be hired or contracted by or with a vendor.

To find a vendor, visit our list of approved remote notary vendors here. Once hired, the vendor will provide the application you must submit to the state of Utah to become a remote notary.

Step 2: Increase existing notarial bond to $10,000 of coverage

A notary has two options when increasing their bond coverage. You can obtain a rider or adjustment for your current notarial bond increasing the amount to $10,000. A notary can contact us if they are unsure who they’re bonded through. 

A notary can also take out an additional, separate $5,000 bond to their original notarial bond. However, please note that this bond is tied to your notarial commission date and coverage for both bonds will need to be renewed when notary renews their commission, despite how long the remote notary bond has been in effect.

Step 3: Obtain Electronic Seal/Signature

Each vendor will have a unique electronic signature/seal. A notary must obtain theirs to submit with their application to the Lt. Governor’s office. Every electronic seal will be different but it must have some type of timestamp or way to digitally track when it was signed.

Step 4: Submit application

Notary submits the application, additional bond, and a copy of their electronic seal/signature to the Lt. Governor’s Office to

Step 5: Mandatory Background Check

As of November 1st, 2019, every notary in the State of Utah is required to submit to a mandatory background check. If the Remote Notary Applicant did not submit to a background check when initially applying to become a notary, the applicant must take and pass a background check. The link will be sent to the notary if required once the Lt. Governor’s Office receives and processes their application.

Step 6: Payment

Once the background check is submitted, the notary pays $50 application fee to the State of Utah.

If the application did not need a background check, then they will call and pay immediately after getting confirmation that their application was approved.

To pay, call the Office of the Lt. Governor at (801)-538-1041 and pay over the phone with credit or debit card.

Step 7: Final Step

Once the State of Utah has “approved” the submission in steps 4,5 and 6 the notary will be marked as a “remote notary” in the system and emailed confirmation that they are now an active remote notary.

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