Third Party Notary Organizations (NNA, 123 Notary, etc.)

September 10th, 2018

Dear Utah Notary,

Over the years there has been a lot of confusion regarding 3rd party notary organizations such as the National Notary Association, 123Notary and other companies that offer assistance to notaries with training materials, notary bonds, stamps and journals. However, none of these companies can commission notaries for the State of Utah.

Please do not be confused by any company stating they can help you obtain your notary commission, where this isn’t specifically erroneous, it is misleading. Only the Lieutenant Governor can commission a notary for our State.

There should also not be a requirement for proof of notary commission in order to obtain your notary bond from any company, as it is not contingent upon you becoming a notary, but covers the public that you serve during your 4 year commission as a notary. Therefore if someone is requesting that you provide them this, we suggest finding another company to supply your bond.


Jennifer Storie
Notary Public Administrator
Office of the Lieutenant Governor

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