Notarial Bond

Notarial Bond

An official notarial bond in the sum of $5,000 written for a term of four (4) years must be secured to qualify for a notary commission. The bond must be executed by a company authorized to write surety bonds.

How can I obtain a bond?
Contact an insurance company that issues notarial bonds or search online for: “notary bonds”

Bond Fees
Most notary bonds cost $50.

Commission Date
The date on your bond will be the date on your commission. If you are reapplying, make sure your commission dates do not overlap.

Oath of Office

The notary bond must be signed and the Oath of Office must be notarized notarized prior to submitting your documents to the Lieutenant Governor’s  office, otherwise your application will be rejected.

The oath of office typically accompanies your bond. If not Click here to access a copy of the Oath of Office.


A notary bond is not insurance for the notary, but protection for the public. A notary must repay the surety any funds the surety company pays out on the notary’s behalf.

*If you were issued a Risk Management Bond prior to May 8, 2017, your commission is still in effect until expiration, or if you leave state employment. Please contact our office immediately upon end of employment in order to resign your commission.